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    Bohemia Game Servers?

    Hello Bohemia, i just recently found out about Argo and wanted to get the Supporter's Pack. Is the premium servers still active if i pay $10 for the Supporter's Pack? Also, how do i get points to get the good weapons at the bottom of the weapon's tree. Thanks for your time
  2. KairosZenith

    Buy DLC Pack Does not activate

    Maybe they don't work anymore? i was wondering the same thing. They actually say in their blog post that the official servers are down after they drop their official support for the game and can only play with unofficial servers and the premium servers through the supporter's pack. i was thinking of getting the Supporter's Pack as well, just to see if it the premium servers are still working like they say. They even say if you have any questions about their end of support for Argo, to send them a message, but they don't tell you where to send those messages. i tried messaging them about it on Facebook, but they haven't posted anything new on their Argo Facebook page since February.