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    Hi. I've been having a hard time figuring out how the loot system works. I've added a couple rhs pistols to civilian loot table and set the probability of finding stuff 50 for every item in the civilian table. Problem is I still seem to find only survival items, nothing else. Not a single weapon or any ammo. If I set weapons to 100 then I'll find only weapons, if I set magazines to 100 I find only ammo. But everything at 50 only gets me survival items. I don't know if this is connected to the problem or not, but sometimes when searching objects, the inventory pops up but it doesnt show any items. Other times it just says that "nothing but junk" etc and the inventory doesn't pop up. Mods I'm running: CBA_A3 Ravage Achilles All RHS Blastcore JSRS CUP Terrains - Core Chernarus Redux What I have in Common weapons: ["rhsusf_weap_glock17g4", "rhsusf_weap_m1911a1", "rhsusf_weap_m9"]
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    Spawning magazine on dead unit

    Ahh thank you very much!
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    Spawning magazine on dead unit

    Sorry for being a newbie, but gives me an error code as soon as I start the mission. Am I supposed to use this somewhere else than init.sqf?
  4. Hi. I'm trying to make a script that triggers on AI death. On death the script will check what magazines the unit has, then remove his weapon (which removes all magazines for some reason) then put 1 magazine back to his corpse. So AI will drop only a single magazine of the ammotype they are using. This is what I've got {_x addeventhandler ["killed",{ _this spawn {_unit = _this select 0; removeallweapons _unit}; }]; } forEach allUnits; Now this is the first time I'm scripting in Arma so please use simple instructions. Thank you in advance!