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  1. i configured my only airport on the map in my config, its drawn on the map, but its not working. strange thing, there is also a secound runway without numbers on the left side on the map (very small) marked it on the map. https://ibb.co/bskcj0H https://pastebin.com/pPRPrBpV the secound runway is also not declared with a number on it. ai wont take off and wont land, tried "both" even the secound on is strange and shoudnt be there. i followed marksman´s tutorial, tried several times.
  2. Just tried TBH and im absolutly impressed with it ! Even in the Terrain section the community does such a splendid work. Take my money...
  3. Awesome work ! I didnt use XCAM anymore, because i couldnt place the Tanoa Vegetation. Is there a way to do this in XCAM or is there not yet a config written ?
  4. MrSplendid

    Terrain Builder & Splat Maps

    thx im on it
  5. Hey guys, i currently purchased World Creator 2 for creating my terrain. Only problem i got is, that i dont know how to get the textures ( splatmaps) into the terrain builder. There is no import function for it ;-( do you guys know how its is possible to get it into TB. I hope it is overall. Have found nothing. Something like a converter or such. Thanks in advannce !
  6. MrSplendid

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    I just realized that the terrain and the assets are free to use without owning the Contact DLC. After i refunded the DLC, because i was hoping for more alien stuff i bought it again. Great buisness model which i will support...! Thx for the great campaign and free stuff.
  7. MrSplendid

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Just started the campaign and played to mission three, i was a bit overloaded with all the transmitter stuff, but it seems cool. also the island is pretty nice. One thing that really bugs me, - Contact DLC, marketing seems like there should be aliens in in the DLC. or did i just missunderstood the point of it ? pretty dissapointed about that right now.
  8. MrSplendid

    Cant get island & clutter to work

    Fixed the crash with the new roads, they were the problem! Now im getting an lzo compression error, whenever i place a building on the map and try to pack the island. in the binlog from mikeros tools, there are just the classnames. and pboproject cant pack. screenshot: https://ibb.co/0YJgCqc plants are working fine.
  9. MrSplendid

    Cant get island & clutter to work

    Thanks! I found that out on the hard way. Island is working now. Only thing is, when i get on the right corner of the map ingame, it lags, freezes and crashes. Maybe this has to do something with the roads? Il try config the roads proberbly and see if it will help. Yes, i was using PMC, but had problems with the lines that were not allready in the config, so i had to puzzle the config together.
  10. Ive allready lost my mind getting my island with some clutter to work. In Bulldozer, everything works fine. I can see the island ingame in the menue, when it it loads, then the game just crashes. Tried different configs, now this is my latest. Packing the island with mikeros tools, strange warning since the last tries: "Warning, a quadtree is uncompressed"; https://ibb.co/CHv1Y7K config.cpp & cfgSurfaces
  11. Got a stupid problem with bulldozer in Terrain Builder. I packed my island allready ingame and it works absolutly fine. Textures/SatImage shows in high resolution all the distance. When i want to edit it with the same high resoltion in Bulldozer, there is just a circle around me with high details, rest is blurred out. I tired to insert settings in the bulldozer.cfg allready, since the menue is nearly unusable, but it didnt work. Is there no way to archive the details i have ingame also in the bulldozer in Tb? https://ibb.co/hmdQXtf https://ibb.co/DLJVstg
  12. MrSplendid

    X-Cam 1.0 for Arma 3 released

    I cannot get the Tanoa objects in XCAM. Do need a config file for XCAM or how can i make it work. Thanks in advance.
  13. What i want do to is creating a conversation system in a cutscene. Is it possible to choose a action in the action menue, via mousewheel via the created "addaction" in a cutscene while the camera is running ? thx in advance!
  14. MrSplendid

    How to use ModuleCAS_F

    this script does not work anymore, anybody a clue why? no errors, no air support....
  15. MrSplendid

    Define and call Function

    working now...Thanks very much. Seems like it was an error in the ext config.