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  1. MrSplendid

    X-Cam 1.0 for Arma 3 released

    I cannot get the Tanoa objects in XCAM. Do need a config file for XCAM or how can i make it work. Thanks in advance.
  2. What i want do to is creating a conversation system in a cutscene. Is it possible to choose a action in the action menue, via mousewheel via the created "addaction" in a cutscene while the camera is running ? thx in advance!
  3. MrSplendid

    How to use ModuleCAS_F

    this script does not work anymore, anybody a clue why? no errors, no air support....
  4. MrSplendid

    Define and call Function

    working now...Thanks very much. Seems like it was an error in the ext config.
  5. MrSplendid

    Define and call Function

    calling it like that: [[soldier1]] call myTag_fnc_IFF_HUD; also does not show me the function in the watch field and does nothing
  6. MrSplendid

    Define and call Function

    Ok...^^ So i got the description.ext where i defined the class like that now. class CfgFunctions { class myTag { class myCategory { class IFF_HUD {file = "myfunctions\fnc_IFF_HUD.sqf";}; }; }; };  Then i got the fnc_IFF_HUD.sqf file in my\functions\fnc_IFF_HUD.sqf This should be enought?`because i cant call the function via: [[soldier1]] call fnc_IFF_HUD;
  7. MrSplendid

    Define and call Function

    class CfgFunctions { class myTag { class fnc_IFF_HUD { class fnc_IFF_HUD {file} = "myfunctions\fnc_IFF_HUD.sqf"; }; }; }; I tried many ways. No success. A sample with a path to the sqf and calling the funcion would be very much appreciated!
  8. MrSplendid

    Define and call Function

    nope. not defined i think background is red. rpt says Warning Message: Script myfunctions\fn_IFF_HUD.sqf not found
  9. MrSplendid

    Define and call Function

    i think i missed the missionConfig File part. might you give a example how it looks?
  10. MrSplendid

    Define and call Function

    No problem. Did that. Nothing happens.
  11. MrSplendid

    Define and call Function

    yea i got it from the functions viewer, but i changed the colour in it, so i have to define it new. Still no success with [[sf1, sf2, sf3,sf4,sf5,sf6]] call myTag_fn_IFF_HUD compiled the function in the init.sqf too. compile "myfunctions\myTag_fn_IFF_HUD.sqf";
  12. MrSplendid

    Define and call Function

    Oh okay. I called the function via [[sf1, sf2, sf3,sf4,sf5,sf6]] call myTag_fnc_IFF_HUD ; n now. But nothing. Did i still miss something?
  13. Hey guys, i adjusted the colour in the IFF script from BIS and now i want do define and use the function with my new colour. I searched the BIKI and several tutorials, but still without a clue why my method isnt working. description.ext class CfgFunctions { class myTag { class myCategory { class fnc_IFF_HUD {file = "myfunctions\fnc_IFF_HUD.sqf";}; }; }; }; and of course i have the lightly adjusted script fnc_IFF_HUD.sqf in my mission. When i try to call it, nothing happens. [[soldier1]] call fnc_IFF_HUD; just changed the colour in the original BIS_fnc_EXP_camp_IFF function and want to define and use the function new. params [["_units", [], [[]]]]; if (!(isNil "BIS_fakeTexture")) exitWith {"IFF cannot be initialized more than once." call BIS_fnc_error; false}; // Global icon variables BIS_fakeTexture = [1,1,1,0] call BIS_fnc_colorRGBAtoTexture; BIS_iconColor = [255, 153, 0]; BIS_iconUnits = +_units; // Icon eventhandler addMissionEventHandler [ "Draw3D", { { private _unit = _x; private _showAlways = _unit getVariable ["BIS_iconAlways", false]; private _showIcon = _unit getVariable ["BIS_iconShow", false]; private _showName = _unit getVariable ["BIS_iconName", false]; // Determine if icon should be shown if (_showAlways || { _showIcon }) then { if (_showAlways || { vehicle player distance _unit < 300 }) then { // Calculate position private _pos = _unit selectionPosition "Spine3"; _pos = _unit modelToWorldVisual _pos; // Draw hex icon drawIcon3D [ "a3\ui_f\data\igui\cfg\cursors\select_ca.paa", BIS_iconColor + [0.15], _pos, 1, 1, 0 ]; if (_showAlways) then { // Draw arrow if icon goes out of the screen drawIcon3D [ BIS_fakeTexture, BIS_iconColor + [0.5], _pos, 1, 1, 0, "", 0, 0.03, "PuristaLight", "center", // Redundant font params, required to make the arrow work true ]; }; if ( // Icon is forced _showAlways || { // Name is allowed _showName && // Unit is highlighted { cursorTarget == vehicle _unit } } ) then { // Determine name private _name = switch (typeOf _unit) do { default {name _unit}; case "B_CTRG_soldier_M_medic_F" : {localize "STR_A3_B_CTRG_soldier_M_medic_F0"}; case "B_Soldier_TL_F" : {localize "STR_A3_ApexProtocol_identity_Riker"}; case "B_soldier_M_F" : {localize "STR_A3_ApexProtocol_identity_Grimm"}; case "B_soldier_AR_F" : {localize "STR_A3_ApexProtocol_identity_Salvo"}; case "B_soldier_LAT_F" : {localize "STR_A3_ApexProtocol_identity_Truck"}; case "B_Story_SF_Captain_F" : {localize "STR_A3_ApexProtocol_identity_Miller"}; }; // Draw name drawIcon3D [ BIS_fakeTexture, BIS_iconColor + [0.5], _pos, 1, -1.8, 0, _name, 0, 0.025 ]; }; }; }; } forEach BIS_iconUnits; } ]; // Display units { private _unit = _x; {if (isNil {_unit getVariable _x}) then {_unit setVariable [_x, true]}} forEach ["BIS_iconShow", "BIS_iconName"]; } forEach BIS_iconUnits; true Thanks for help in advance!
  14. hello guys, im just trying to get the animated opening running for my mission. i understood the timeline sequences and im now trying to include my pictures in the timeframe. for some reason it does not work. debug says that the variables are not defined. i dont get where the problem is. this is what i do to call a simple timeframe with hints. example from the bis biki. //Timeline of events private _timeline = [ [0.0, {hint "Start of the Timeline"} ], [1.0, {hint "Event 1"} ], [3.0, {hint "End of the timeline"} ] ]; //Start the Animated Opening at index 0 //also start the "LeadTrack03_F_Tacops" audio track and sync the timeline to it [ _timeline, 0, "LeadTrack03_F_Tacops" ] spawn BIS_fnc_AnimatedOpening; //Wait until timeline is over waitUntil{!(missionNamespace getVariable "BIS_fnc_eventTimeline_playing");}; //End Intro and start mission endMission "END1"; and works flawless. now how do i show pictures in the timeline event ? shouldnt this show the pictures in the timeline also from the bis biki : private _timeline = [ [ 0, { [MODE_INIT,15,0,0] call bis_fnc_animatedScreen; [MODE_RESET,[true,true]] call bis_fnc_animatedScreen; [MODE_BLACKIN,0,false] call bis_fnc_animatedScreen; } ], [ 1.5, { [MODE_BLACKOUT,3,false] call bis_fnc_animatedScreen; } ], [ 8.2, { [MODE_RESET,[true,true]] call bis_fnc_animatedScreen; [MODE_BLACKOUT, 0.01, true] call bis_fnc_animatedScreen; [MODE_LAYER_CREATE, C03_SLIDE1_ID_DUST, C03_SLIDE1_IMG_DUST, nil, nil, 1.3 ] call bis_fnc_animatedScreen; [MODE_LAYER_CREATE, C03_SLIDE1_ID_OBSTACLE, C03_SLIDE1_IMG_OBSTACLE, [0.46,0.45], nil, 1.2 ] call bis_fnc_animatedScreen; } ], [ 12, {} ] ]; [ _timeline, 0, "LeadTrack03_F_Tacops" ] spawn BIS_fnc_AnimatedOpening; waitUntil{!(missionNamespace getVariable "BIS_fnc_eventTimeline_playing");}; //End Intro and start mission endMission "END1"; i understand that "Co3_Slide1_ID_Dust" is just the new created layer and i can use any variable for it and the secound, CO3_Slide1_IMG_Dust is the path to the image? frame is working but does not show pictures. only "not defined varibales for all the "MODE_Layer_Create" commands. Thanks in advance for help.
  15. MrSplendid

    Lack of good usermade SP content

    People might be interested in a Project i started today. I called it "ARMAVERSUM". let me know what you think of it. im looking forward to people with passion for Arma to take part in the project ! Looking for english People who are interested in translating the Website (Grammar/spelling correction) https://armaversum-com.jimdofree.com/