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  1. Last night i had a great opportunity to play Vigor for the 2 hours straight, it was one of the funner games that I have played in a while and I plan on purchasing the founders edition tonight. There are however a few different things that I feel need to be brought up. I am sure that you are aware of the glitch where the screen goes black in the beginning when you load up the map, then soon after the screen returns to normal. However i had this happen where the screen didn't go back to normal and i ended up getting killed a few minutes into the game waiting for it to load. In the tutorial please let people know that they can ADS, it took me quite a while to even realize this was a possibility. I found out by accident and was pretty disappointed that i could have been using it the whole time. when trying to remove items from Ammo category it sometimes doesn't delete them and doesn't tell you why it wont delete them. Gun mechanics while I know are being worked on, I hope they go in depth as far as other games such as Arma 3 with bullet drop and an easier more fluid transition into the ADS from 3rd person. I felt that the D-Pad is under utilized, you could use this for instant use of consumables that way when in a firefight if you find a place to hide you can quickly use a consumable to help you out. Being able to run while looking at the map is a MUST. while running away from enemies it would be nice to be able to pull it out and be able to mark a location on the map. For when CO-OP game-play starts numbers on the Compass Bearings at the top will be useful I noticed the Helicopter on the Fjellkantan i was curious if this is a random location on the map that it spawns every time? If so this is an awesome mechanic because it helps with the start of the game to mid game and helps thin out the numbers of players before the Air-Drop. Making Death more meaningful: right now there is an issue where players don't really go about looting, it just seems like it is craft weapon and bullets head into the area and fight others just for the drop, there really isnt any push to loot or fear of dying. i would recommend making crafting weapons slightly harder so that weapons are more valuable and make looking around and looting more meaningful. I remember when i first started i found a crate with weapons i was like, "oh no now i really need to get out of here so i dont lose these weapons" but then i realized that you can craft weapons and it now takes the fun out of looking for boxes when i can just kill someone for their guns and ammo. Im sure there are more and i will post more as i play more once again thanks for this awesome game i look forward to the massive changes that make this game better coop, more base building options, more loot, and any other changes that come