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    wont ads when pressed … unless im 10 foot away . and that's random
  2. redenya1

    Friends joining lobby

    plenty of co-op games out there why spoil this one .
  3. redenya1

    Deconstructing Loot

    I started too deconstruct but im keeping it all now
  4. redenya1

    aim down sights

    ahh cheers
  5. redenya1

    aim down sights

    ads seems random ? does it kick in the closer you are to the enemy/player, it does for me its quite annoying .also sensitivity settings ….ahhhhhh
  6. redenya1

    Vigor founders access to dayz game preview???!

    read the dayz dev teams progress report dayz is playable and could be after summer on xbox not sure about the vigor/ dayz tie in but would be great cos im waiting ….
  7. redenya1

    Attacking players shelter

    the base is a bit bugged around the shooting range .. I go all the way in with my shotty ..you know stalking mode , but when I come back to the fence it doesn't load shoot
  8. redenya1

    Deconstructing Loot

    id keep hold of it for now .
  9. redenya1

    More than just a punch

    knives are very good
  10. redenya1

    bugs/glitches I've noticed

    the waterfall in base camp makes a strange noise'