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    Changelog 0.5.24877

    I find that I have trouble knowing when I'm taking damage or giving damage to another player. I'm not sure what it is, but something doesn't feel quite right. I'm sure they are working on it, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on that.
  2. mjmason75

    DINO's Feedback after 25 hours in the game

    I agree with most of this as well. I probably only have about 12 hours playing, and although i like the game overall (other than the funky gameplay that I'm sure will be corrected), I don't see a reason to keep playing long term. I would love to see a duo mode at least, and maybe even a squad mode so we can play with friends. Also, a way to share items during the game as well. As of now, I don't see a way to drop items unless I missed it, but I'm guessing this will be added if it's not already available anyhow.