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  1. Hello, @Th3Truth


    My name is Rob, I am the Head Moderator of the Bohemia Interactive Forums. 


    I can assure you the Vigor team is working hard on fixing issues, and improving the game for everyone, however as you can surely understand one cannot just press 1 button and fix everything in a game, it takes time.


    In regards to your statement: 


    Make no mistake there is a reason mods delete almost every thread created by community members to shed light on these issues. There is a reason several of us have been given “warnings” when shedding light on these issues.

    We would never hide posts, nor give out warnings to forum member based of feedback threads on these forums, however your posts were not feedback threads, they were posts like this one. These types of posts are against our forum guidelines rule #1: 


    1) No Flaming/Flame-baiting/bigotry


    I do understand your frustrations, however, if you have feedback in regards to our games please create an actual feedback thread where you point out the issues you've encountered rather than create posts like these, as you are in fact breaking our guidelines. 

    If you are found to be breaking our rules once again, our moderation team will have to take further action.


    I hope this is all understandable. 


    Have a fantastic week! 


    - Rob


    UNIT: Vertexmacht
    TO: Arma 3 Users
    OPSUM: New assets in the upcoming 1.1 Content Update



    Hello Arma 3 community!

    We, the team behind Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany , would like to provide you with an update of what we’ve been working on since April.

    As you may know, we want to continue supporting Global Mobilization past the initial release with free content updates, and therefore would like to let you take a look at what we’ve got planned for the upcoming GM 1.1 Content Update, expected later this year.


    Full Report

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  3. Quote

    FROM: High Command

    TO: Arma 3 Users

    INFO: Contact (Post-)Release, Update 1.96, Documentation




    It has been some time since we've published one of these reports. So, let's take this opportunity to catch you up on all that happened since we've released Contact expansion about two months ago, and also take a look at what's coming up with update 1.96 and beyond.


    Full SITREP

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  4. 13-09-2019
    EXE rev. 146039 (game)
    EXE rev. 146039 (Launcher)
    Size: ~6.0 GB


    • Added: DLC parameter to configs of Tractor, Offroad (Covered) & Mini UGV - FT- T143422
    • Added: A new (5th) Utility for searching and listing of available script commands
    • Added: Support for an object's group for BIS_fnc_hasItem (the item will be searched in the inventory of all members of the group if a group is passed as param)
    • Tweaked: Reduced armed Striders' secondary ammo explosions
    • Tweaked: Portable weather station wind indicator rotation direction
    • Tweaked: Adjusted MAAWS position on characters' backs in order to fix clipping with some scopes in certain stances - FT- T143005
    • Tweaked: Body trail effect of some jets
    • Tweaked: Small LDF loadout adjustments
    • Changed: Moved Contact animations to the platform
    • Changed: Moved Contact music to the platform
    • Changed: Moved Contact hand-drawn map markers to the platform
    • Changed: Moved Contact hand-drawn font to the platform
    • Changed: Made the Chemical Detector part of the platform*
    • Changed: Livonia prop addons were decrypted to PBO
    • Fixed: Profile voices 09-12 were not working correctly - FT - T143719
    • Fixed: Flickering face on the back of the Tractor
    • Fixed: Offroad dashboard artifacts when HBAO was turned on
    • Fixed: Shading artifacts on leaflets
    • Fixed: Aileron movement for A164 & MQ-4
    • Fixed: The "InBaseMoves_assemblingVehicleErc" animation had a small movement defined which caused the character to move away from the original position when used in a loop
    • Fixed: AAF and CSAT ghillie injury materials - FT- T137525
    • Fixed: Eye flares popping up a low resolution texture upon first load
    • Fixed: The death screen is now showing a vehicle and its weapon in case an enemy was operating a vehicle

    * Note: this gear is primarily cosmetic; limited features are only available in the context of Contact's campaign and gameplay.


    Potential Spoilers ("First Contact")

    • Added: Missing TI to the Alien Network's legs and core, and fixed other graphical artifacts
    • Added: Missing Post Process effects in Going Dark and Close Encounters
    • Added: Pistols to Krupin and Severov for that added Spetsnaz cool-factor in Carpe Noctem
    • Added: An extra check to ensure dialogue is playing in the right order when the alien arrives at the radio tower in Carpe Noctem
    • Tweaked: Raised an ammunition cover to avoid clipping in Anomalous Phenomena's hub
    • Tweaked: Reduced the time between untying Kesson and taking his blindfold off in Anomalous Phenomena
    • Tweaked: Made a slight adjustment to conversation sync, when Major Homewood complains about the sudden change of weather in False Negative
    • Tweaked: The road block composition has been adjusted in Going Dark
    • Removed: Disruptive save game during a blackout at the end of Carpe Noctem
    • Fixed: An exception case during the Mini UGV system check, where the player may have the arm already raised, is now handled in Close Encounters
    • Fixed: Several conversations in Close Encounters are now terminated when a task is completed prematurely
    • Fixed: The sampling anomaly task area in Close Encounters was a small distance from the main group of anomalies
    • Fixed: The sound effects on the Mini UGV disconnect were a second or two out of sync in Close Encounters
    • Fixed: The laptop now shows a black screen after the Mini UGV disconnect in Close Encounters
    • Fixed: There were some missing static sound effects during the Mini UGV disconnect in Close Encounters
    • Fixed: Cpt. Spender's remark about the lights flashing in the first contact scene came a few seconds too early in Close Encounters
    • Fixed: Going Dark will now fail if the player tries to reach the sinkhole black site too early
    • Fixed: LDF troops will now run, instead of walk, to investigate Cpl. Stype's distraction at the burn pit in Going Dark
    • Fixed: The AFO could be seen with binoculars at certain points in Going Dark, before the final scene
    • Fixed: Added additional fail safes for the blue-on-blue event, preventing laser guidance from the player's rangefinder in False Negative
    • Fixed: Exception dialogue from Squad Leader is now dependent on his line of sight towards the player in False Negative
    • Fixed: Matter balls had no TI when being carried by the Alien Entity
    • Fixed: Alien Entity 'lights' were not glowing in TI
    • Fixed: Some Alien Network's inner parts were not visible in TI in some LODs
    • Fixed: Various smaller issues in Anomalous Phenomena and Carpe Noctem



    • Added: The in scripting command can now be used also with strings
    • Fixed: Return value of attachedTo if the command was used on objNull
    • Fixed: Memory alignment issues
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     Advanced issues found

    FROM: High Command

    TO: Arma 3 Users

    INFO: Contact & Update 1.94 Intel, Global Mobilization Update 




    At the time of posting this, we are just one day away from releasing the Arma 3 Contact expansion, and our alien visitors arriving! In this report we'll take you through all of the information about the expansion so far, and look a little at our plans beyond. We hope you'll all soon get to enjoy the 1.94 platform update, new sandbox assets, and our spin-off "First Contact" campaign experience!


    Full SITREP

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  6. On 7/18/2019 at 7:44 PM, EO said:

    @Homesick, sorry to be a PITA about this, but, is their any news or movement regarding the official Soundtrack being made available as a standalone purchase. And if Contact is going to be the last "official" content for Arma 3, then a definitive soundtrack edition containing all tracks from the various DLC's should definitely be looked into by BI. :don8:


    Looking into it 🙂

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  7. Hello, Fox. I will look into it. However due to this somewhat classifying as spam on these forums I'd appreciate if you message me directly in regards to an update if you don't have one in the future, it makes for a cleaner experience on the forums 🙂 However I have shared it with our project lead, and will get back to you as soon as I have a response. 

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  8. Response to some of Haleks questions: 

    1. Siege-A's / USP teams thread lock has been discussed privately with them, and they are well aware of why the thread is locked. Their thread will stay locked until their mod is fully released to the public. 

    2. Obviously copyright protection is important for us, especially when it comes to ripped content from other games such as Star Wars, Fallout etc. This is something we have full control over on the forums, however WS is more than just find the item, and ban it, hence why you might see more of this on the WS itself than on the forums. If it was as simple as find the mod, press 1 button = solved, I would have personally done it on a daily basis. 

    3. I do understand your concerns in regards to the subject, and if I'm being honest I was also not too sure about this specific subject when I started at Bohemia. However it is not something I can comment on too much, as it is simply not something I can do much about personally. If you have any complaints or concerns in regards to "illegal" mods or so, feel free to contact our infringments department at infringments@bohemia.net. 

    4. As I mentioned before our forums and the Steam Workshop is two different platforms, whereas one we have full control over, and the other one is more complicated than just ban and done. I can assure you that it is something we are aware off, and will hopefully improve upon when it is possible. (no promises though). 


    5. As for the USP/Siege-A discussion that has once again occured for some reason: 

     - We have been discussing the subject with Siege-A and his team for over 2 months now in private, and we have provided them with answers for every question they have asked. They are well aware of the reasoning behind our decisions, so I don't believe it is a subject that needs to be discussed further in public. If the USP team have any more complaints/concerns feel free to DM me. Siege-A: "The only thing we were guilty of was using a verbally disapproved format with our mod, which means any accusations beyond that were in fact false." We both know this is incorrect, so I am not entirely sure why you're bringing this up, once again. 


    This thread has been locked due to heading into a direction it should not be heading in. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM me directly.


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  9. Quote

    FROM: High Command

    TO: Arma 3 Users

    INFO: Arma 3 Contact, Update 1.94, Global Mobilization Update




    After several sneaky teasers, the newest Arma 3 expansion was announced to all Earthlings, and is scheduled for arrival on July 25. In today's report we'll provide a recap of all decoded Arma 3 Contact intel, and throw in a few more bits of information. Rounding things out are a look at some technical changes in Contact's 1.94 platform update, as well as how Creator DLC (like Global Mobilization) is going to be updated.


    Full SITREP

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