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  1. WezzyStef907

    Vigor founders access to dayz game preview???!

    DayZ is already in closed preview on Xbox.
  2. WezzyStef907

    Tip needed for ads sensitivity

    Your aim is all over the place because there's no aim assist in the game. I suggest turning ADS sensitivity down to 30 to 45ish. I believe one or two of the sliders are for aim acceleration, find it and turn it off.
  3. I often come across kills with good weapons I want but can't take, so I have to leave them behind. My suggestion is to add the option to store them in your back pack inventory. Doing so would require 10 free slots for each AR or sniper etc. I say 10 free slots so you can't carry a crazy amount of guns at one time. Also you wouldn't be able to equip them in a match, just store them in your back pack till you extract. You could even add it as a high level shelter unlock. Would be nice to have the option. It would put you in situations of, do you want to loot the materials, or loot the weapons for weapon parts.
  4. WezzyStef907


    I got stuck in the side of the elevator in the conveyor belt factory building in Fisk Factory map. xD
  5. WezzyStef907

    Gun Flinch

    What's kind of bullets is this guy shooting me with, to make my weapon bounce so aggressively. Please nerf the insane flinch. :) Video is slowed down 2x.
  6. WezzyStef907

    Disconnects/Losing Gear

    So I've played the Vigor beta for roughly 30 hours now. It's a great unique game experience on Xbox. Even though it's got a lot of bugs and glitches and weapon balance problems, that will be fixed and adjusted in the full release (I hope). One of my main concerns - is the server disconnects. Throughout the beta I've had countless disconnects, and as you probably know, getting disconnected mid match causes you to lose everything you had in your inventory. My question is - will it be the same in the full release? If I get disconnected, will I lose all my inventory? And if this is changed, how will the game know a disconnect from a combat logger?
  7. WezzyStef907

    Open All Maps

    The beta was already extended, from 22nd to 25th. xD Wouldn't complain if it was extended again.
  8. WezzyStef907

    real names for guns

    Don't you need licences from the weapon manufactures to use their weapon names in games? That probably costs a bit of cash. Easier and cheaper to just use made up similar names.
  9. WezzyStef907

    Grenade M67

    Grenade explosions are visually, like mini nukes. Tested one out earlier, totally was expecting a lame explosion, but it was pretty awesome.
  10. WezzyStef907

    Open All Maps

    Hello! I started playing the preview on the first day it was opened. I hardly got to play on the first two maps Grontheim Valley and Tog station, because they changed to Dverg Forrest and Draug Fort very fast. I was wondering, the last day of the preview is approaching. Could we get all maps open for the final day? That would be really nice. Thanks.