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  1. DerNoobYT

    Vigor Communities

    When it counts? My Xbox Club: Vigor Community Deutschland
  2. DerNoobYT


    Don't unterstand me wrong. But the players running away. What is the next step? I love the game but without changes and bug fixes the game gets boring now. Sorry for my english.
  3. DerNoobYT

    Vigor Community Deutschland

    Your welcome^^
  4. DerNoobYT


    Mir geht es gut und selber?^^ Ok then i must look!
  5. DerNoobYT


  6. DerNoobYT

    All Weapons (so far)

    My english is not the best^^
  7. DerNoobYT

    Vigor Community Deutschland

    Just look for the club on Xbox Live: Vigor Community Germany We are trying to build a German vigor community. Sucht einfach auf Xbox Live nach dem Club: Vigor Community Deutschland Wir versuchen eine deutsche Vigor Community aufzubauen. **All posts must be in English language.** -Moderator
  8. DerNoobYT

    All Weapons (so far)

    Thank you. greetings from the german Vigor Community^^
  9. DerNoobYT

    Max Shelter Level?

    Thanks (Sorry for my english - i'm from germany)
  10. DerNoobYT

    All Weapons (so far)

  11. DerNoobYT

    Max Shelter Level?

    Is the max Shelter level 6? Im on level 6 and can do nothing to come to level 7.
  12. DerNoobYT

    Feedback in german

    Is it posible to give feedback in german?