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  1. oWARZONEo


    Hi, loving the game so far. I ran into a few bugs and thought everyone else can add to this to make the game better for everyone. So heres a few ive found so far. At the base ran into a bug where multiple unequipped weapons would still show as equipped, and be visible on the player. Got stuck with no way of getting free on many diffrent pieces of furniture while looting which also led me to realise theres no option to exit the game while in a match. Silver Shotgun made no sound when fired. The X button that pops up to loot things is really tricky it should just pop up when your close, i was having to crouch and look up to loot cars or having to just stand up and manouver until it popped up, not quick and not stealthy at the moment. Killed a player but was unable to loot there stash. (Held loot button but would reset after each press never reaching a full circle to allow access to the inventory) Doors seem to be silent when opening and closing for me ? Thats it so far, if i find any more il put them here.
  2. oWARZONEo

    Killed by radiation, not in radiation zone

    Hi, yes that does help abit, just the radiation wind direction always seems to be the same, top left blowing SE.