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  1. Matthew Lillywhite

    Kicked from Every Multiplayer Server

    https://pastebin.com/0SWF2Sh7 There is the link to the file contents from when I tried to last join an MP server
  2. Matthew Lillywhite

    Kicked from Every Multiplayer Server

    Sorry forgot to say I had reinstalled battleye and removed the files completely and re-installed before. How do I get a crash report if it is not a crash issue? Also thanks for the help with the status access violation help!
  3. So I recently did a clean install of windows onto my PC and re-installed arma 3. The first day it all worked fine and I was able to join multiplayer servers. However the next day I tried to join a KOTH server and while i was able to join and select a role, as the game loaded in I was kicked with the message "you have been kicked from the server". This happened for every other server I tried to join on multiple missions. Every server has a green mark with a question mark in it, but I have all the DLC and no mods running. So far I have tried -verifying game files -re installing the game -using malloc system -making a new profile -unsubbing from all steam workshop mods -attempting to join game through the launchers and none have worked, if anyone has encountered this and has a fix it would be greatly appreciated. Also may not be relevant but about the same time my game started to randomly crash with the 0x0000005 status_access_violation message although im not sure that would affect my ability to join servers.