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  1. Buloee

    Founders package

    the founders pack items are exclusive to the founders of the game and are unobtainable upon the release into free to play
  2. Buloee

    Streamers Channel Index

    i had a gaming PC for awhile at one point and used to play raindow six siege ALOT. after moving back to console, i picked up siege again and connected my xbox account to my uplay account, after getting to the same clearence level i was on when playing on pc, i checked my stats. My acceracy on console was significantly higher than what it was when i played siege on PC. It literally comes down to what youre comfortable with. I know PC players who use an xbox controller for shooters on PC and they dont get wrecked and hold their on. saying mnk is better is just fanboyism.
  3. Buloee

    FJELLKANTEN hidden tunnel

    NICE FIND! looks awesome, il check it out
  4. Buloee


    kill people. thats what ive been doing on stream. its so fun. set challenges for yourself, like i wanted to get 50 kills by the time i had 10 deaths. i reached 53 kills for 8 deaths. you can play the game however you want APART from upgrading your shelter at present.
  5. Buloee

    Shelter Tutorial

    Ive had many people ask me on stream to explain the shelter upgrade system and what benefits you currently get so after i finished streaming i made this raw unedited on the fly video that explains the shelter and what it does. BEWARE! - im a streamer, not a youtuber so the video doesnt have slick intros or what not, i literally recorded this from OBS and uploaded straight to youtube.
  6. Buloee

    thing that need to help the game.

    you are a civilian. dumping a RPK or AKM mag on full auto would be like that to a untrained person. the area around the loot is a known issue which im sure they are working on.
  7. Buloee


    shelter levels will be increased in the upcoming updates along with the founders edition items and more content.
  8. Buloee


    may have had 1HP and you got lucky?
  9. Buloee

    pre-purchase rewards

    the founders edition items will be released over a period of time from now until release along with some updates.
  10. updates are coming out bi-monthly at best and they will be substantual updates with a fairly decent amount of content. we will get our rewards with these updates. i made the same mistake and assumed youll be able to progress you shelter thinking that it was only limited for the closed preview and when i reached out on twitter they told me itll be update in due course. if you enojy the game then just chill for a little bit. the updates will add alot of content.
  11. Buloee


    the devs are looking to add a coop feature which will make teaming in solo pretty redundant and they are working on a fix to the way matchmaking works so it will be harder to get into the same lobby with a friend. it already is quite hard. I tested it yesterday and out of 3 attemps, failed on each one. but coop will be coming.
  12. Buloee

    FIX the DUOs issue ASAP

    im clearly toxic. you're griping about something that numerous people have said, the devs have said they are fixing it. if you took all of 30 seconds to read another post, you would have saved yourself having to type all that out.
  13. LIKE 1 HOUR 21 MINUTES. I need to stop watching the damn clock :/
  14. Buloee

    Release date time.

    I don’t think they are spilling what time it’s being release. I’ve reach out on twitter and on here and am yet to get a reply though it is the weekend and they are probably really busy.
  15. Buloee

    Closed Preview Officially Ended

    I’ve messaged @Ghostonex and @pettka on twitter asking about release time but as it’s the weekend, I didn’t think I would get an answer. I’ve tweeted the twitter page and made a post in the forum asking for a time. Either the time hasn’t been set yet or they aren’t spilling the beans.