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  1. hey guys, recently ive added Opfor to my server for a rebel faction by following this tut:link to tutorial i used however, when i go to log in to an opfor slot i keep getting this and it doesnt go away. error i keep getting since adding this it also seems to have stopped a few features on my server: its added stamina back, Y menu doesnt work, space bar jump doesnt work - had all these working before adding opfor. Client side logs: https://pastebin.com/FmfnA4R3 RPT logs: https://pastebin.com/HFwBAcvL
  2. fixed and solved 🙂
  3. when ever i join my server it doesnt let me pick a spawn point as it just spawns me on the spawn island. when i respawn it comes up with the spawn menu where you should be able to pick a location to spawn yet no locations are showing and then i get placed into the ocean. rpt logs: https://pastebin.com/hmYdm0Mf Map im using is Malden
  4. G1llam

    Spawn error

    I changed them from altis to Malden names that’s it but they’re only the visible names
  5. G1llam

    Spawn error

    It’s just the CIVs that’s it’s happening too
  6. G1llam

    Spawn error

    Haven’t tried the cops yet.
  7. G1llam

    Spawn error

    The marker variables are the same as the ones of the file. ‘Any suggestions for what you’re not sure on
  8. G1llam

    Spawn error

  9. G1llam

    Spawn error

    You want me to send you the spawn points file so you could take a look?
  10. G1llam

    Spawn error

    I’ve edited the mission file for the spawn points for Malden for my new role play server
  11. G1llam

    Spawn error

    Which code would you like me to share?
  12. Hey guys, ‘I’ve managed to get my server working but when I go to spawn it sometimes kills me to spawns me in the ocean any reason for this
  13. Hello guys, I’m wanting to start a new server and have heard that a VPS is better than buying a dedicated server. Therefore, I’m just wondering what the requirements would be to host a 60 player role-lay server so like how much ram and cpu cores etc. And which com-any would be best. thanks and sorry if this is posted in the wrong section.
  14. G1llam

    Mission File.

    Yes im looking for a life server mission file
  15. Hi guys, I'm wondering where i could get a working copy of a (premade prefered) mission file as im wanting to start a server but cant find a mission file to work to. Thanks in advance