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  1. Hey, First I don't know where to put this thread. Second, when I try to host a server now that the official servers are gone, my friends get the message "server not responding" I have tried the following: 1- normal game and network settings + host a server. 2- Dynamic IP + Port Forward 2302 2303 + host a server. 3- Static IP+ Port Forward 2302 2303 + host a server. None of the above let any of my friends connect to my server. P.S. There are certain players who got their servers to work but I don't know how. I asked one of them and he said by magic. Is there something I am missing?
  2. HitList

    Unofficial Argo servers support only

    My suggestion is why not either make the premium not premium so people can play. or make everyone in the game premium so they can join and play. I bought the dlc back in october but now i can't find people to play with on premium servers and when i host a server my friends get the message "server is not responding". someone, please suggest a solution to any of these so we can still play Argo.