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  1. I agree, I played one indie game, "Running With rifles" there AI use objects as cover, disappearing from the field of view of the enemy, to avoid hitting them, and shooting from behind cover, i would like a similar in arma someday but i dont think that possible in arma 3.
  2. I have a bug, i spawned 4 infantry squads and 4 separate apc with crew, synced them to high command module and when i start mission infantry squads gether around one of apc and dont follow any waypoints, even if i task the apc to move, they running with that apc. Nevermind, solved
  3. Then its not possible to make ambushes on convoys with trucks carrying troops, or intercept enemy motorized squads with troops on the way to waypoint without making special waypoints or triggers and scripting, I hate vanilla stupid made ai...
  4. tryed unload waypoint with ungrouped truck, they keep mounting and dismounting this truck in combat. Tested the same in VCOM V2 and everything works, squads using transport is messed
  5. This is not a solution, also i didn't saw this in vanilla
  6. Tryed to disable "steal vehicle", "flanking", "formations" bug still happens
  7. I have a problem when AI squad containing a vehicle, for example if a squad with an Transport truck or APC is under attack, the AI squad leader enters a loop and tell the squad to dismount, then mount, then dismount ect. i can send example mission Do you know a way to fix this problem? it's very annoying and breaks game
  8. Hayes_

    Mounting and dismounting ai loop

    I have this problem too, why people don't see this?