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  1. Random placement. Place some empty markers on map (as many as you want) and then make a random choice where to spawn the module. Can you please post an example script creating a minefield? Because i couldn't find anything as well. Thanks for your reply MKD3-FHI
  2. Hi to everyone, I 've searched tried and then frustrated because with a lot of googling i can find anything so far but this. Is there a way to make a minefield module randomly generated? As you can imagine i tried to link the module to an empty marker but as expected didn't work. I tried to find a post here creating a minefield with script but i couldn't as well. So i beg for your help. Even an answer like : No you can't will be so much time saver. Thank you in advance to anyone who will even read my post and question, Jim
  3. Sliver


    I just opened a dead post from 2013 (How fast time passes ffs). On my question. Is there any way i can place a minefield site module random? I mean on mission start, spawn 1,2, any number of minefield module to randomly selected locations. Of course i tried to link the module to an empty marker but as i expected it didn't work. So my experienced scripters and Arma mission makers gods , me your humble servant i beg for your help. Thanks in advance, Jim
  4. 1.5 years later and that post (and video) was very useful. Thank you m8
  5. Sliver

    Supply drop

    Larrow 2 years later and you made my day. I 've lost more than 3 hours on trying everything i found on my mission. Thank you so much for your code..