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  1. Hi I'm Eric McHogan from the Viking PMC (https://www.vikingpmc.com/) We are hosting an ArmA Competitive Series sponsored by Bohemia Interactive on the 28th of April. We Have hand crafted maps specifically made for this PvP event. Maps we will be playing: Sugar Mill - Requires Apex Han Dynasty - Requires Apex HostageHotel SeaSideCache (all maps are downloadable through our Tournament Modlist on Steam) We are currently looking for Teams to join us. Each Team will need 8 players, plus reserve members if possible. Our Prize Pool: 1st place: 35 euros + copy of the game 2nd place: 5 euros + 8 key chains + 1 stratis map + 1 tanoa map 3rd place: 8 pens + 2 reflex (prizes will be sent to team liason) To Sign up Click Here: https://goo.gl/WCZdJZ