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  1. Hello, I am looking for somebody to help with the BECTI-E for RHS. I Love the mod and love all the work they put in and the new factions added, and confused why nobody has already adapted a newer version of the modification. I am asking if someone could change the teams on the mission so it uses the serbian armed forces, instead of the Americans, and change the Russians to greenfor soldiers and vehicles. I hope this edit was the correct way, I can explain in further detail, I just want an up to date version with all of RHS's AMAZING work. Thanks, WZ
  2. Thank you I posted on that part of the Forum which I had no idea existed! Thank you! Also I am really just looking for someone to explain(Or offer assistance) with the BECTI-E for RHS, Just want to change the factions around, but I do not know where to start or how difficult that would be. Thank you for the link though. Hopefully I might find some help their. :)
  3. So I have been looking for a new mission for my dedicated server for me and some buddies to play with the RHS Escalation Mission. Loved the similar missions in Arma 2 OA but, Since it is no longer updated, and I have no scripting knowledge, I had a few questions? First would be, All I want is to update the units to the new ones RHS has added, change the map, and the teams, I have a wish to try out the RHS Serb forces, but as this is something not originally created with the mod, I have no Idea what to do? Would this be simple or very complex? Is there a stand-alone tool like ADAM that I could use? At this point, I would even compensate(if that is allowed, or donate) if someone could just edit the mission for me. Just for private use. Any thoughts? :\ Thanks, WZ