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  1. Hey, tried to use setdriveonpath but didn't make it work. At first I got some errors at the map loading but sorted that out so it accepted what I did. T55a1 setDriveOnPath [getMarkerPos "wpa1", getMarkerPos "wpa2"]; Gave the waypoints the coresponding name, and same With the T55. Does not moove. First I used a trigger to make it moove, but nothing happened With or without it. Should the setdriveonpath command be in the Composition init section or in the Object ini section? Tried to Google some examples but they where hard to come by.
  2. First of all thanks to the two Developers making this striking good DLC. I love the Authentic feeling you get when playing it. Takes me right back in time. I can see no downside With it, considering the small price I paid for it. I've been playing around With the Editor making my first MP mission, and has one question concering the "Zone grenze". Like another member found out only the tracked units will cross it, if the fence is blown up (And that is difficult to arrange). The other units wan't cross no matter what. The aim is to have hords of East german units attack across the "Zone grenze" and into the west. Whats the best solution to make all units cross the fence? Keep up the good work! Nb. If you ask me I would realy like the G3 to kick even more when beeing fired, and to top it off see the spent cartridge fly forwards at the same time.