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  1. Thank you for the basic! i'll see if i could make it work thanks. i might have some questions in the future tho :P the first question is whats the DIK_H 0x23 means
  2. Hi i need someone that can make a simple holster script for me that allows the player to holster his weapon after pressing SHIFT+H for now i use this player addAction ["Holster weapon","holsterpistol.sqf"] at the holsterpistol.sqf there is this code player action ["SwitchWeapon", player, player, -1]; pretty simple but im tryna keep the actionbar empty
  3. opened in wrong place lol
  4. i need this line colored ingame market addAction ["Toolkit 10$ (requires backpack)","market\toolkit.sqf",[],10]; how can can i do it? when ever i put the color thing on it the script wont work on my AI
  5. im tryna make an addaction to work from 2meters and i found a script online and i connected it to my script didnt really work what have i done wrong? drugdealer addAction ["Weed bale 3.5K","drugs\weedbale.sqf",[],3500];
  6. i want to slap my self for stupidity. XD thanks man i didnt notice the mistake lol *hint to self* do not make scripts at 3 am
  7. private ["_prisonGroup","_guardGroup","_unit"]; _guardGroup = createGroup west; _prisonGroup = createGroup civilian; _unit = cursorObject; switch (playerSide) do { case civilian: { [_unit] joinSilent _friendlyGroup;//<<Enters player to Blufor silentHint "you are now a Prison Guard"; }; case west: { [_unit] joinSilent _enemyGroup;//<<Enters player to Civilian silentHint "you are now a Prisoner"; }; }; Did i miss something? im not sure if i done it right because i placed a player as a civ infront a opfor soldier and tried switching the civ to the guardgroup (blufor) and it didnt work But when i used the script with addaction like that ( [Player] joinSilent _friendlyGroup;//<<Enters player to Blufor ) it worked on me any idea why it doesnt work?
  8. Hello i'm pretty new to scripting and i want to make a mission with a one admin slot. So I want the Admin slot to have a "addAction" that show the admin all the players in the session. An when he selects 1 player that player gets some "AddAction" commands that allow him to do stuff. As a new guy to all this scripting stuff i do not know how to make it happen. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me. :) thanks have a good day (: i though about some thing like that... down here would be the idea --------- on the admin slot would be an "addAction" with the action (Give Power) when the "Give Power" action is pressed the players list would be shown and the player that the admin selects gets some power example : ---------- Give Power -------------- Player list <-- would be in green text Shawn Jhon Alex Dan ---------- if Dan is selected then a hint/titletext would appear and say "Dan has been giving admin power" and then Dan has some addactions that i would make.