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    Arma 2 OA erroe Window mode

    Hi, I have the gun 2, OA, for steam, I'm trying to access Dayz Mod, however, I found some problems, the game does not open, it takes a black screen and it does not respond and it is closed by windows . However when it starts, it (OA) in mondo windowed, opens however I can not access the video settings, because the game is locked again. - Firstly: I downloaded Arma2, Weapon 2OA, DayzMod - Secondly: I entered the Arma2 and its B.E., soon the Arma2OA and its B.E., Dayz Mod (Error) ---> I start the error in OA too .... ps: Arm 2 normally opening MY settings, Notebook E5-77G4, I5 7200U, 940MX(1920X1080)