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  1. Hello my fellow player! I want to introduce a new Arma 3 A3Wasteland Tanoa Server. its not a normal one, its Modded! We made many changes to our Server: - Better Team Kill Punishment - Storage your collected Gear - Vehicle Painting - Aircraft Carrier to repair/rearm - Tanoa bridges from the main Island - High Value Target - High Performance (Min. 50 FPS) - Complete Missions to earn Money - CUP Vehicles/Units/Weapons - Ryans Zombies and Demons - New Global Visual Effect - Different Stores to buy Gear/Vehicles - Modified Hud - Better Gear at Spawn - FPS Fix - Dynamic Weather Effects And many more... We would be glad if you visit our Server! Download the Required Mods here, Screenshots of the Server included to view at: https://a3projectgaming.net/moddlservers/