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  1. Arma 3 Project Life - Silver Life New Server of Arma 3 Project Life - season Silver Life Join Now Discord website - Soon Register app - Soon team speak - Updated Server status - ONLINE Welcome to Arma 3 Project Life - Silver Life Official ENG Lang The high quality and successful game server. -Server Work 24/7 Online -Map Updated -Mod Updated -High quality RP -Looking for Police and Medics -Easy Install -Excellent community -Full A3pl systems -Custom Jobs -Custom apps -Custom map More info coming soon
  2. 101st |Airborne| Division| Vietnam War ______________________________________Welcome to The War________________________________________ Who we are? A unit that simulates the Vietnam War, with quality, combat doctrine, brings the game to reality. We take films about the Vietnam War and turn it into a mission Unit activity in 3 stages basic training and advanced training Operational activity almost every day And special tasks. Operations and training are held three to five times throughout the week, typically starting at 2000 GMT, with a focus on tactical realism. We do not discriminate against nationality, race, gender, or religion. Clan FRT Fight for your country Fight the best unit in the Vietnam War - No 3rd Person - Al 3 Enemy + Scripts - Quality tasks - No NVGs while looking down sights - ACE3 Advanced Medical System - ACE3 Advanced Ballistics System - Stamina Enabled - Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2 (ACRE2) - Uniform & Equipment Standards - Cooperative PvE Missions - Positions: Assaulter, Grenadier, Autorifleman, Breacher, Medic, Zeus, Pilot (rotary/fixed) Join Here
  3. Hi guys Afetr i create server.cfg in my server how to active it ? i take it from here : where i need edit to active it?
  4. Hii all I need help and I would be happy if anyone help. i open server with Lakeside Life i try load this mod : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29074 (i add mod in server side too and the client side) after i select the Slot The map gets stuck on Loading map. How tot fix that?
  5. Hi guys. I open server with lakeside map rp. My playes use personal arsenal i must block it fastly. I need help i try Signature v2 its not work. Have some way to block mods and cheats? I use vps windows server TadST run server proggram
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    Lakeside -Rp cheats

    battleye enable Sure
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    server.cfg Help

    Hi can You help me
  8. Hi all This script : This script work well at sp. I try use this in mp vps server The menu of dog not open Who can help me with that script? Pay Work For who can help me
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    Jboy Dog Hello everyone. I'm sure you know the Jay Boy script from here: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/196998-jboy-dog-updated-v13/?page=11 Actually the script running Good on my computer but my goal is to build a K9 Dogs unit On my server (VPS) iam looking for some one who can help me add this mod to my server each player (only K9 Unit) I managed to get it into the server but the commands did not appear Offer for work 20-30 $ Via pay pal add me
  10. Hi all! I'm tired of it 5 days I try and can not ... On my computer the script works really well and no problems. I'm trying to open a K-9 unit on my server And the script just does not work I Make PBO Mission And upload to my Box VPS (windows server) Cant see the dog cant give COmmands Cant see the Commands for dog Who can help me ? please