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    Sorry im new to using this forum I will do that for any future posts. thanks I will add in the spoiler now I know what I forgot to click on
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    I am releasing my setup ive compiled from everything I read up on how this system reads and works. Mod List as follows for you to be able to load up and try the list in any mission you create all you need to do is copy it into your mission folder and change the Asset List to the New one Located in Desc.ext. copy that and make sure you put it like this or it wont read. ["list name"] use quotes not apostrophes ' bad " this good. Mod List needed. @CBA_A3 @CUP Weapons @CUP Units @Cup Vehicles @Community Factions Project(CFP) @3den Enhanced @Achilles @Advanced Urban Rappelling @Advanced Weapon Mounting @Align @DynaSOund 2 @Ehnanced Movement @Enhanced Soundscape @Project Injury Reaction(PiR) @Unit Voiceovers @RKSL Studios: Attachments v3.00 @RH_Pistol_pack @rh m4/m16 @RH Accessories v1.06 @Vcom AI V3.1 @QS Mag Repack @CUP Terrains-Core @CUP Terrains-Maps 23 in total if you want to boot up any warlords map you choose just set them to this Faction Class Set Blufor in warlords init module. to. CUP_B_US_Army Set Redor to. CUP_O_Men_TK And Set Indep To CUP_I_Men_TK_GUERRILLA then set up and link your secotors as you like and save and play in multiplayer lan to play by yourself. Also a note about my .ext the syntax format got jumbled on upload. the proper format for entire file look to the first set of unit entries class Infantry { class Unit Classname Here { cost = 100; requirements[]={}; }; class Unit Classname Here { cost = 100; requirements[]={}; }; class Unit Classname Here { cost = 100; requirements[]={}; };
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    I host my own private server for chill people and friends. cant stand people that just always screw around and ruin the fun for everyone else trying to work as teams.
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    I had a friend think of that he ended up going and setting assets to real world prices and that....was a long drawn out battle because we all had to capa nd push hard to get whatever edge we could over AI.
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    hey I just got done writing my own Warlords Des.ext with full params and asset lists and class lists. if anyone wants some help setting up your own system msg me I have spent the last 42 hours learning how this bastard function with the new 1.90 update and the modules with custom cup factions and a . ext I can run ful dynamic war with just me and a coop buddy online with full custom. my taki map has well over 30 zones to cap and fight for.
  6. @Alex150201 HI! :) I was just searching for some info on how to setup a shop and simple currency system like the one described by @s13ep , I read your response and i would love some more help and knowledge of the set you described. I'm building a PMC drug wars campaign in local multi with some friends. i just wanted to add a setup. i,e money for objectives and being able to pick up and add to a wallet of some sorts, and have a black market store vendor for soldier kits, and then a black market vehicle vendor. would love to hear more.
  7. why do none of the places to download this support the new updated features talked about on 11/03/2018 all the links list change logs as 2017 as newest update? please help my friends and i are lost on what is the current used version in Arma 3
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    Dagger Scopes, Weapons, Ammunition and Gear

    @spotter001 with ACE you need to use the Atrag to get the range card to update your zero or else it wont change, https://ace3mod.com/wiki/feature/atragmx.html scroll down to example 3.4 and read it will help you set the range card zero.
  9. Plexyshard1490

    Dagger Scopes, Weapons, Ammunition and Gear

    @spotter001 Hey mate have you look into the documentation where you must edit the .Arma3Profile.cfg in your User/Arma3 Folder. Find the FOV file. :) Helps loads.
  10. Plexyshard1490

    Dagger Scopes, Weapons, Ammunition and Gear

    i love your mod, truly a great addition to Ace 3 and Arma alone, i play with a very immersive group and we all love your sniper suite for ace 3 an Arma 3 but what we really wish is if you could add either manual bolting animations to your models or maybe just the sounds files simulating manual bolting upon release of the fire button like found with a few other rifles offered in the community. i love theirs to but i want everything to work fluidly and i feel that if you could possibly find a way to implement manual bolts or even the sound and reload delay time for immersion purposes alone would be great. :) keep up the amazing work and i like to pair this with VQI scout to be able to build sniper hides from vegetation from around me. makes for a truly fun sniping role in scenarios