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  1. xSCAR45

    Looking for a Milsim Group

    Feel free to have a look at my newly established unit. If you're interested, register on the website and enlist through the Recruitment tab. We are currently looking for all roles as we just started. 1. Mobile Infantry Division: https://1mid.enjin.com/
  2. Squad name: 1. Mobile Infantry Division Timezone/location: -5 GMT, USA Gamemode preference: COOP Contact email: N/A Website address: https://1mid.enjin.com/ Short description: The 1.MID is a MilSim unit with thorough Trainings and Operations on a weekly basis on Saturdays at 2PM EST. During the week we prepare for Saturday through more Training scenarios. Language: English
  3. Welcome to the Mobile Infantry! In the 1. Mobile Infantry Division we strive to produce an active and elite organization that utilizes ground and air assets to accomplish the mission. For the most part a member of the 1. MID is an infantryman and undergoes a thorough training program to later become an official member of the Mobile Infantry. If the recruit wishes to be something other than a standard infantryman the option is available to become a member of the Mobile Infantry’s Air Corps if there are positions available. As the name suggests, Mobile Infantry is just that. Mobile. We use standard operating procedures that you may be familiar with if you have joined an ArmA unit in the past or served in the Armed Forces. Mainly the 1. MID sticks to the ground unless the mission requires traveling long distances. You will learn to use and maneuver ground vehicles in both friendly and hostile situations during training scenarios and standard operations. In the event of a long distance operation the 1. MID is flown in by our pilots aboard helicopters. We also may get resupplied by our Air Corps during long engagements to maintain combat effectiveness. To begin your journey into the Mobile Infantry your must first apply on the 1. Mobile Infantry Division’s website and afterwards download our Introduction Manual. Familiarize yourself with the Introduction Manual as it will instruct you on how we operate here in the 1. MID. You are welcome to join us on our TeamSpeak server at any time after your application has been accepted. Once accepted your first priority should be to meet with one of our instructors who will set a date and time for your training. After training and a brief probationary period of two weeks if you are under the age of 18 you will become an official member of the 1. Mobile Infantry Division. Positions in the 1. Mobile Infantry Division: (Position availability varies) Apache Company: 09W: Warrant Officer Pilot 15P: Aviation Operations Specialist 15W: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator Cherokee Company: 11B: Infantryman 11C: Indirect Fire Infantryman 12B: Combat Engineer 19D: Cavalry Scout The Mobile Infantry requires the following: Have a legitimate copy of ArmA and all official DLC. Have a working microphone and the ability to speak English clearly. Have the ability to download and store large files for our mod packs. Be at least 16 years of age or older. Be able to attend weekly on Saturdays at 2pm EST. Maintain a level of maturity and respect for others during Trainings and Operations. Website: https://1mid.enjin.com/ Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/1mid
  4. Nothing wrong with waiting a couple years for ArmA 4 to be developed on a new engine. I'd prefer if BIS releases at least one more major expansion for ArmA 3 before sweeping it under the rug. BIS has shown that they can improve ArmA 3 without making a new title. Just look at the Eden editor and finally being 64bit. ArmA 3 still has plenty of potential for expansion. History has shown this.
  5. xSCAR45

    Name change

    In the Main Menu if you look at the top right corner you will see a silhouette of a man. Click it and make a new profile. By doing this you will automatically make a sub folder where all your Eden editor saves go. Its located in Windows\Documents by default.
  6. xSCAR45

    How to build an airbase

    Have you tried building on the Salt Lake Bed? Its the big white region on Altis located North-Northeast of the map. Its flat and completely empty. Easiest place to build a base. You can also try the small airbases which use flat earth as their runways.
  7. xSCAR45

    [Poll] Arma 3 Third-Party DLC

    Yes, you can get most of what the DLC brings with the Workshop but I rather like the amount of polish BIS does on their DLC. If they release new DLC, I'm usually interested and buy it. If I find its too expensive I wait for it to go on sale. Not to mention, I like to support BIS as I love ARMA. I paid $95.00 for ARMA 3 with all the DLC. I'm more than happy with my purchase and will most likely continue to support BIS.
  8. xSCAR45

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    Awesome! I wonder what new changes will come with a new engine. Hopefully easier customization for us that like to edit. I wouldn't be surprised if it takes a couple of years until ARMA 4 is ready to be released. They said Tanks is their last "announced" title which means we might get another Expansion. I hope we get another Expansion! Modders have been working on Aegis, which is unofficial but still cool that something so grand is being done. I'm sure BIS is aware of the progress modders have done to the Vanilla game. Surely BIS can combine what modders have done to make another all-in-one Expansion pack, similar to what Operation Arrowhead was to ARMA 2.
  9. xSCAR45

    Unit Base Build

    Ah! Thanks. I'll have a look.
  10. xSCAR45

    Unit Base Build

    Thanks KC for your input. My base is mostly for function and it's all Vanilla at the moment. I have a mod pack that I will introduce once I'm satisfied with the base. The mod pack is mainly just units but I haven't added them yet so I'll have a clean backup. How would I go about getting a Time Trial script for a target range? I have a Shoothouse with pop-up targets that aren't scripted yet. A timer with an triggered alarm would work nicely with clearing out the Shoothouse.
  11. xSCAR45

    Unit Base Build

    Making missions isn't a problem for me. I've made several missions in the past and they were all received well. I'm new to base building and the Units I was in previously had amazing bases but most of it was with addons that I don't/won't have. I've done pretty much everything I can think of and am just looking for fresh advice. Thank you for your input.
  12. So I'm building a base for a unit I'm about to start and I need some more ideas to make it complete. So far I have a Barracks, Hospital, Shoothouse, Live Fire Range, Briefing Room, Mortar Pool, Vehicle Depot, Helicopter Depot and that is about it. I've been building the base for about a week now and I can't think of anything else to add. I'm looking for ideas if anybody has any that I haven't covered.
  13. xSCAR45

    DCS 2.5.. outstanding!

    I've been playing DCS World on and off for some time now. I haven't played in awhile. Just haven't felt like it. Too busy with ARMA at the moment. I've only purchased the Flaming Cliffs 3 module as it's a bit overwhelming to me to learn all the procedures for the full simulation modules. Plus all the money you need to spend on HOTAS, pedals and Track IR turn me off. I've kept up on DCS through YouTube. DCS World 2.5 looks incredible. Kudos to the development team at ED.
  14. I wouldn't buy just any BI title. I've browsed their catalog and the only thing that interests me is ARMA. If they make more DLC for ARMA 3, I'll buy it. If they make ARMA 4, I'll buy it.
  15. xSCAR45

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Felt like introducing myself. I'm fighting the urge of relapsing into a raging Armaholic once again. It doesn't look good.