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  1. Tookatee

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Yep! OFPS has been going strong since 2003. @omon and the dev team over the years has done some great work keeping BECTI alive, and it's still being updated and played to this day.
  2. Tookatee

    Tembelan Island

    Hey @-ben-, what's the ETA on that fix for the map not downloading properly in the A3 launcher? It will become suitable for online play on a dedicated server after this gets resolved, and I bet you'd see a lot more traffic to your terrain. It's high quality and deserves to get a wider audience.
  3. Tookatee

    Tembelan Island

    Hey @-ben-, amazing job on this map of yours! I am apart of a group called OFPS and I've adapted your map for use with the CTI gamemode, however there appears to be an issue with it and the Arma 3 launcher, as it will not automatically download when run off the server. There seems to be an issue with this addons setup, according to my associates who manage the server. They say it may be your server key not associating properly with the map download. We'd love it if you fixed this as we want to include your map in our rotation on the server, but we cannot if it will not auto download for the player. Also if any changes are made the mod it won't auto update. My associate left a message describing the same issue on the Workshop page for it and he also said he'd love to work with you to troubleshoot the problem as he is apart of the OFPS dev team.