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    Lost all progress with character unlocks

    No didn't experience anything like this
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    Please consider these - in the mobile version as we enter the buildings the camera zooms in, sadly this encourages sharp FPS drops on some devices please remove this feature as stuff inside buildings are highlighted anyway (even on veteran) - google play sign in to save our profile in case we delete the game by mistake we lose all progress ... - pls focus on game optimisation because it's very laggy for a game that uses pixel graphics by the time we reach the 3rd island it get very laggy making the game almost unplayable - fix the joy stick we can literally move the Joy stick to the other end of the screen ,restrict it as it leads to heavy multitouch issues. Thank you :)
  3. Vinay


    Release an optimised version for Android it gets very laggy when we get to the 3rd island . I always die due to lag