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  1. All loadouts. Maybe it's just me mate. Maybe we have played without sway unless injured for so long on our other servers it's just a shock to the system :) I'll just lay prone and set the bipod up anytime I want to hit something more than 5 metres away :-/
  2. No mate. I like the fatigue/injured sway. When I load Liberation Malden, there is massive sway right from the word go, even prone. Even with fatigue deactivated the massive amount of sway remains. It's even horrible holding breath prone. Maybe it's something else causing it but it doesn't seem to be a problem in other pbo's...
  3. How can I disable or reduce the ridiculous amount of sway in the pbo? For example in domination we have a parameter for disabling weapon sway. It still sways when you are injured and tends to wander a bit even when you are not. Is it possible to add it? Can it be done in mission_params? Maybe I am just not understanding what you might call it...