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  1. Pretty sure he's talking about one of those illegal uploads you mention yourself 😉 Not Yura and your's fine looking mod. Ps, and not to draw away from Riverx & Yax new INSANELY good looking mod here, but a lot of us have doubt about your mod Yura. Simply too long ago now.
  2. jonas p

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    This post is not to be misinterpreted as a question for release, but rather a fans objective opinion on this great modpack. I was very exited when I saw you guys start up work on USAF again, and still are! But now I have a sneaking worry about the possibility of releasing the update in the nearest future. Its great to see the extremely detailed objects such as the GBU's, but it has also given me a worry about the dev's burying themselves (and the mod) in never-ending detailed work. Have no doubt! I would love to see this mod out in it's FULL glory (details, models and all else). But what I'd rather see, is the progression of the pack from its core release, and then further detailed updates as time goes. This is not in any way meant as a slight towards the dev's or a question towards release date, rather a fan expressing a bit of concern. Regards, a worried fan.
  3. Hi Firewill, first off, great mod! Got a question for this update, what is this "airplaneX simulation integrated"? The flightmodel of this one is/was one of the best you ever made (in my mind).
  4. jonas p

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi. Ok, so been playing around with the MELB helicopters after the last update and got to wondering. Is there any way to set it so the Copilot (with the FLIR camera) can be set to launch the acual missiles? aka the DAGR's and AGM-114K's with his lasersight/lock? I cannot get it to work, and seeing as it makes close to no sense for the pilot to have control over the missiles, it renders the heli close to useless (as a CAS platform with 2 pilots in). Especially when the pilot cannot lock on to the acual laser from the copilot. Any help would be fantastic! Am I just doing somthing wrong here?