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    Always start with the simple things first when problem solving they said in PC class, I guess the same applies with software. Detected keyboard layout: US (67699721) Speakeasy is running Then dot dot dot, etc I tested it and it's working now. I can't believe I overlooked this or didn't even try it, then again I haven't been using VA for that long. Well at least I learned something new now thanks to you. Thanks for helping me sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for your work.
  2. Speakeasy VoiceAttack profile

    I too am experiencing _keycode192 I've done everything you said but when I start VoiceAttack I get the following message; Stopped command, 'F_init' : focus lost. My os is windows 10 pro, VA is running in Admin and compatible mode windows 7, I even tried 8, I tried giving VA folder special permissions. I do however get this message Shortcut : 'F_interruptKey' as I am typing this post. Saying Squad does nothing but give me that error message Release by variable [_keyCode192] not set. No keys released. Key down by variable [_keyCode192] not set. No keys pressed. So what do I do now?