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    Arma 3 settings reset every time I launch the game.

    Okay, so, the main part of the issue is sorted, however, the altered profile config files still remain. The main config file only has data about the view settings and shadow quality in it, no other profile info. The .vars file has nothing in it, and every time I close the game, an RPT File appears in my "Other Profiles" folder. The folder is called "Arma3_x64-2017-09-25_23-39-18". The last parts of the file name are the date and time that I closed the game, and the file contains all data about the operations I ran while that instance of the game was launched. From what mods and DLC's were used, to what maps and missions I began. Even what controls and setting I changed during the instance. Sorry for the wordy report, but I hope a fix can come through for this, as I used the config document often for character changes not possible in the in-game profile screen.
  2. Sheogorath2132

    Arma 3 settings reset every time I launch the game.

    That seems to have sorted it, thank you for the help, and the speedy reply!
  3. Hey, everyone, I've played Arma 3 for about 1500 hrs and the issue has just cropped up now. About 2 days ago, I launched Arma and all the Audio, Video, Controls, Profile and Unit settings were back at their default. I also got the "New to Arma?" and other startup info about the DLC's screens when reaching the Main Menu. Additionally, my profile config document in my "Arma 3 Other Profiles" folder is drastically changed, no longer displaying information at the start, about my profile, and instead about my control settings, audio and visuals, and most recent servers, with profile options such as head type and voice, nowhere to be found. Hope a fix can be found for this, as it's a bit tedious having to rebind my controls and reset my visuals everytime I want to play the game. Thanks.