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  1. How about adding some turkish stuff considering that turkey is a neighboor of greece and we already have an trukish APC the marid in arma 3. Also i think there stuff would fit in arma 3's design. Something I would also like to see are new armored trucks (with rocket pots maybe i mean just imagine a hmmtt with mobile artilellery) maybe one for the AAF as they only have an kamaz i think and maybe a new mrap as seeing the ifrit hunter or fennek gets kind of boring. Also different turrets would be neet or mobile artillery or new AA "Tanks" ( but i'm pretty sure we will only get like 3 new tanks and some ''SENSOR UPDATES'') honestly i would buy an MRAP dlc or IFV dlc if they would make it Here are some picture's of the mentioned turkish vehicles: (i hope this post was not to biased) or unmanned drones like this one or this oneor that one