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  1. maybe just get rid off the auto game finder and make people use the server browser that way they can find games to suit there pings in there own country ?
  2. Drbogg

    Battle Royale Mode for Argo

    sounds like a great idea, but it will never happen, I would be happy if they increase the AC points to 40 instead of the 25 we are stuck at now as that has killed the game for everyone, but as I said it won't happen they don't care as the people here are not the developers, just hacks.
  3. Drbogg

    Rock spawning

    Its more then occasional, its pretty much guaranteed to happen. but good to hear you are working on it, while your at it could tone down the grenadiers a bit please :) lol
  4. Drbogg

    Rock spawning

    What with this rock spawning, when you re spawn near a rock you end up inside it and you can't get out ?? and why are the AI so bullet proof, you can empty two or three clips into them and they still stand there, then they kill you with a single shot ?, it really messes with the fun of playing.
  5. Drbogg

    Game load outs

    What's with these random load outs at the start of the game, every time I start a new game I only get my load out 3 out 10 times the rest are lucky pick or they don't show up at all, what the point in building up skill points and money to buy guns if you don't get to use them ?? Dr.