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  1. Stra1ghtSlay1n

    Upcoming updates.

    Ok I didn't know there was a facebook page lol, ty. Im hoping it comes out soon!
  2. Stra1ghtSlay1n

    Upcoming updates.

    Is there any news on the next updates? I play on IOS 1.0.9 and was curious if there was gonna be one any time soon, I know Browser is at like 1.4 or something. Its been about a month since the last updates so i'm not expecting much i'm just curious if there will be one soon.
  3. Stra1ghtSlay1n

    Minidayz mobile version tents

    Ok ill watch out for any missing items too and let you know, so far i have 4 rice, 4 kvas, a watebottle, a SVD, a SKS, a shovel, and a fireaxe and probably about 6 stacks of misc ammo. so far nothings been missing.... yet lol
  4. Stra1ghtSlay1n

    Minidayz mobile version tents

    So Is there a limit to how much can be stored in one tent? Im on IOS 1.0.9 and I was just curious if I had to watch how much i put in my tent.