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    Tried with three mods installed: CBA, Ravage, Ravage & SongV6. Tried reinstalling Ravage.. Testing.. Working. Must have screwed around with something in the pbos Thanks for the pointer :)
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    V6. Gonna check for mod conflicts. I'll report back, thanks
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    I've just read your earlier posts, I'll try placing some down. Zombies work fine. I'm not sure if it does, I don't recognise some of the buildings, I could be wrong.
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    Hey guys, I've been trying to get the ambient AI module to work on some custom maps and I just can't. The Map: G.O.S Song Bin Tanh The error: '...tem\missin_routine.sqf"; rvg_local = [#]nearestLocation [_center, ["NameLocal"]... Error 0 elements provided, 3 expeced File ravage\code\scripts\systems\mission_init.sqf, line 119 Messing with this is my first dive into learning a prog language so please bear with me. I think it's having trouble finding the buildings? As there are custom buildings? Great mod, thanks for your work op :)
  5. Hey guys sorry to revive a dead thread, I'm trying to get ravage working on Nam2 and I'm coming across the error defined in the rvg_mission_init: The error: Ravage : mission_init : Unable to find any location on this terrain. Is there something I need to edit within Nam2 or within the rvg_Mission_init.sqf? Thanks :)