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    So, you can pass thru the High Voltage wires!

    Some wires are obstructions some are not. Ive lost count of the number of times when flying fast I have forgotten that wires are hard in this (when in many games they are just a visual) and crashed and also several times when I have been in a helo that has passed right through them. I guess its a map markup thing?
  2. Khazul66

    The AI enemy detection is broken

    In general I find the AI will see me through visual obstacles when I cannot see them: - Fog - even way beyond the distance threshold of visibility for us. - Prone in long grass at several hundred meters - neither me nor team mates have fired a shot, nor broken cover and yet were are getting shot with precision and should have no reason to be known to the enemy. - Behind most bushes/foliage (perhaps tanoa is better marked up?). - Tanks shooting at buildings/towers that I am in when I have been lying down since long before any enemy could have seen my location (during invade and annex) When playing invade and annex most of us have learned that the only cover to trust for concealment is terrain and even then you have to over-compensate. Rocks and buildings may protect, but they do not seem to reliably conceal. I often hear experienced squad leads telling people not to trust the elephant grass or trees or bushes etc to conceal you and only trust 'hard cover' ie rocks, walls and terrain and abandon towers (because being prone and hiding isnt good enough) when tanks are nearby etc. Long grass when prone seems to be basically useless and non-existent from the AI view point and only seems to serves to obscure our view (not that of the AI). Perhaps this works better on the newer maps? Maybe its a markup and terrain level of detail problem? Reaction times including aiming seems to be generally unreasonable, particularly tanks being able to react, and perfectly aim their guns or turret (when previously aimed away from you) in an unreasonable amount of time.
  3. Khazul66

    Please fix VTOL power curve

    ^ Yes - that helps, but I have to do it again when I go back to flying a helo.
  4. Khazul66

    Please fix VTOL power curve

    The problem with VTOLs is partly what prompted my post about per vehicle type joystick/throttle control sensitivity setup above. With everything setup for reasonable landing of a helo, I find that the tiniest movement of the throttle when landing a blackfish is enough for it to plummet to the ground from a stable hover only a few meters up with enough downward velocity to explode on impact. TBH - I find landing with mouse/keyboard far easier than landing with a HOTAS (for helos and vtols) unless I stick to only flying one specific aircraft, never mind flying one one minute and another the next as I find the throttle control is more often than not just far too coarse in region you need for precise vertical decent rate control. I just hate flying with mouse keyboard in first person view and find the cam in 3rd person struggles to track around hard turns. Perhaps with several months of practice - I will get used to it, but in its current state, it just feels somewhat unnatural.
  5. Does anyone else wish the control sensitivity and dead zone settings could be applied per vehicle type (plane/helo/vtol/land/sea etc) and per flight model (strandard/advanced for helos). I just find that when I have the settings good for one vehicle type, then are often awful for another - particularly throttle control during hover between helos and vtols. While on subject of controls, I wish the vector control was independent of flaps on VTOLs rather then having a vector control on/off toggle. I'm using a Saitek X52 pro HOTAS that I modded to remove the throttle bumps. (Just in case anyone thinks that makes a difference).