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    O2 - Underground LOD Proxy Clipping

    Just FYI... I found the solution! The scene I was testing it in had water underneath and the clipping was caused by the water - I tested it in another scene without water and it's fine!
  2. rsa_travis

    O2 - Underground LOD Proxy Clipping

    I believe the VBS3 forums are dead - I thought Arma III was built on VBS3 which is why the tools were the same. Ah wells, thanks anyways.
  3. rsa_travis

    O2 - Underground LOD Proxy Clipping

    This is VBS3. If I place the object in the basement instead of using proxies it works fine and is a work-around. Also I found that if I continue to walk my character into one of these objects it will start flickering, revealing the missing bottom section - almost like it's z-fighting?
  4. rsa_travis

    O2 - Underground LOD Proxy Clipping

    I forgot to mention that these same assets are also instanced above the terrain and are correct - it's only the instances which are underground are clipping. Also the only objects which are clipping are those with an Alpha channel, other models which I have placed in the same location without an Alpha channel are fine.
  5. Hello, I do not have ARMA 3 - I use VBS3 with Dev Tools which comes with O2 for setting up models and I believe it's the same process used to create ARMA 3 content. I have been using O2 for a few years now but this is the first time I have had to do anything which requires the setup of an Underground LOD. I am setting up a building with a basement and as per the documentation I have setup the Underground LOD and I can successfully travel down to the basement without the Terrain interferring, however the objects which I have placed in the basement via proxies are all clipped i.e. can only see the top-half of the model. The model used in the Underground LOD is basically a massive box which exceeds the building dimensions so I do not believe this is causing the clipping. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Screenshot from VBS showing the bottom of proxies are masked/clipped from view Underground LOD showing that proxies have clearance.