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  1. Rodigol

    Just for fun: ArmAgritt3

    I recently went to an exhibition of surrealist René Magritte with a friend, and rather strange thought came to my mind: "I wonder if I could recreate his paintings on Arma 3". Behold the results! Empire of the Light 2 Golconda The Son of Man The Sky Bird This was all done with Arma 3 assets and GIMP. Should I make more?
  2. Thank you! I triangulated both Shadow LOD meshes and then closed them, and it's working fine. The shadow appears too sharp compared to other buildings, but I think I can change that on my own. For reference if someone looks at this thread for the same problem: In object builder, select your shadowVolume mesh, then go to Structure -> triangulate and make sure all your faces have been divided into triangles. If done correctly, ALL faces should be divided into triangles, and all faces should be visible. Then in structure->topology->close Then triangulate again, for good measure. That should help.
  3. Hello everyone, I recently made a model of a small house using Rhino 5 (easier to use, IMO) and Blender, successfully exporting the file as a .p3d and then crunching it with pboProject without issues. At first, this model was just the geometry and didn't have any way to interact with the world, so I added a roadway, land contact, and a shadow Volume, basing all of them on my rhino model. Model: Shadow volume: I chose a simple polysurface because I thought that was the problem. The volume is closed, according to Rhino. landcontact and roadway work fine, but Shadowvolume creates weird a weird shadow that appears to be another 3d object. Final result: I can't figure out what's wrong. The shadow seems to behave like a 3D object that's beneath the ground, and only produces shadows from one side. Anyone knows what could be happening here?
  4. Rodigol

    Can't figure out clutter

    Thank you! I followed your instructions, and after figuring out that the program was case sensitive, it started working beautifully.
  5. Hello everyone, I've been watching tutorials on youtube, reading the Atlas and trying to apply the solutions to similar problems posted in this forum, but I still can't get clutter to appear on my map. The truth is, I don't think I quite understand the logic that makes cfgclutter, layers and cfgSurface interact. I suspect that the names in my code aren't correct, and hence cfgSurface.hpp doesn't "call" the layers in layers.cfg Here's are the code: layers.cfg cfgClutter.hpp: cfgSurfaces.hpp: config.cpp:
  6. Thank you both for the answers. I copied the textures I planned to use into their own folder, so I guess that the originals will be safe. As for the cell size, since the resolution in opentopo.sdsc.edu was 30m, I thought a size of 30 would be OK for the map... until I tried to use the bulldozer to adjust the terrain to the satellite image and I got blocky rivers and the like. I'll be trying your suggestions now. Again, thank you both. UPDATE: The issue was fixed once I wtiched to 6 textures.
  7. I tried to edit the message to add some info, but couldn't, so I'll post the edit here.
  8. Hello everyone, noob here making his second map, and the bulldozer presents an error message after I've generated the layers. This is a 30720m terrain based on a real world location. The satellite picture uses a 15360px image (2m/px), and the texture mask uses the same resolution with 8 colours. Gridsize is 1024, and cell size is 30m. It also has a normal map with a 1024px resolution created in Satellite/surface (mask) tiles are 512x512 with a desired overlap of 16, and the texture layer is 30mx30m. I do not know what the previous mean, btw. I used 4 materials per cell after the 5 material-per cell gave me an error similar to this one: which was obtained from this same site. My problem is somewhat different, as it presents this error: Note that this is part of the layers.cfg: I suspect that the problem is caused by any of these: My code has errors. A cell has more than 4 materials. The colours aren't in the map legend(?) The error message can't be closed and I can´t use the bulldozer to work on the terrain. Is there any way to fix this?