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  1. Sorry, that is off topic. Can I also zero my weapons with vests? I wore green rifles with green jackets. With black - black, with sand - sand. Now there is no difference, because. I can not choose the color of the vest, I do not need rifles of different colors now. For them, I would also like to return the loans. Now on the topic. I also noticed a reduction in damage to my DMR rifles. Previously, it was enough to get into the case 1-2 times. Now 2-3 happens a little. So in me now it is necessary to get more than before.
  2. Bazbey

    Will Combat Patrol Give XP/Credits?

    And when is the next update? What will be in it? Where can I see the "road map"?
  3. In each box there are only 15 credits. At the end of the battle, you can see them even in statistics.
  4. Bazbey

    Will Combat Patrol Give XP/Credits?

    What if? In PvP give more experience, and in PvE give more money. In one mode you develop, and in another you earn.
  5. Bazbey

    Protective vest

    The best armor is a bullet in the enemy's head. But I took myself a light armor. "DMR 1 lvl" + "sight 3 lvl" + "light armor" and in clash mode you can withstand up to 4-5 hits. There's a long distance fighting and light armor can help in combat.
  6. Bazbey

    Editing face

    Yesterday saw a player with a face painted in camouflage. Not a mask, not anything else. Just painted in camouflage colors. This is also by chance so it was chosen? Simply, it gives him some advantage in camouflage and shelter in the bushes.
  7. This is not true. I bought 20000 mufflers, but for 2,000 I can not buy it. The same mistake. Or, I misunderstood you. My native language is russian.
  8. I can not buy a 6.5 mm silencer for 2000 credits. For 20000 purchase passes. For 2000 I can not do it. Writes that there is no connection to the server, although this is not so and I make other purchases without problems.