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    Campaign Weapon/personal pools

    Know anything about the campaign personal pool? Say. I start with 10 guys in my squad and I lost 5 of them. Will the next mission be me +5. What I'm trying to get at here is if I should give a shit or not lol
  2. This is my first post and my first play through of he campaign. I played non stop before the release but have been out of the country ever since. I noticed the weapon pool works like absolutle hell. Only SOME items from the scouting missions are saved. The crated get maxxxed out quick and your pretty much screwed. My question is about personal. I soent hours doing 100% side missions before the first adapt base. Then again 100% scouting (this is when I noticed the weapon, gear pool was shit) before the breaking even mission I was wondering hell do j even care if my squad mates die.? Will I have x less if I have x die the mission before?