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    Mini DayZ Wiki

    Hey guys. Im working on creating a wiki page similar to the DayZ Standalone and Mod wikis for Mini DayZ. It'll be open source just like the others and I think it'd be great to have collaboration on it. I was looking for game help the other day and didn't find anything so I figured we could make an all inclusive solution to that. Thanks. http://minidayz.wikia.com/wiki
  2. thedegle

    Mini DayZ Wiki

    @DarkSilence Honestly, I'd recommend watching the Wikia tutorial videos to learn more. For now I'm postponing the development while I brush up on my CSS.
  3. thedegle

    Mini DayZ Wiki

    @T_12 Id love help from everyone I can get it from. I believe the wikia is editable by everyone and I would love to have a few admins to help me build templates.
  4. thedegle

    Mini DayZ Wiki

    There is nothing there that's the point. So far it is only a menu screen. Working on building the categories and custom templates right now.
  5. thedegle

    Mini DayZ Wiki

    fixed link