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  1. [WIP] IBIZA BY SEZON High definition textures all over the map. Grid: 4096 x 4096 Sat / Mask: 20480 x 20480 (dev) | 40960 x 40960 (final) Ibiza terrain : Stone quarry towards the airport :
  2. Ok I did several tests I see that in fact the attribute card is completely zoomed compared to my card
  3. Hello for some time now I have not managed to generate my texture map correctly thanks to my attribute map. What I do : External modification to l3dt for the attribute card. (Photoshop) Save as .bmp (Color depth 8, 10 colors in the file) Import into my l3dt project Then calculate> texture map My result instead of Thank you to those who can help me do not hesitate to ask me for more information
  4. Sezon.dev

    [IBIZA] Problem with surface mask

    High definition textures all over the map. Grid: 4096 x 4096 Sat / Mask: 20480 x 20480 (dev) 40960 x 40960 (final) 1pixel = 1 meter @mankyle 😏
  5. Sezon.dev

    [IBIZA] Problem with surface mask

    I had not put the right setting sorry ^^
  6. Hello I have a problem with my certain map of my texture which transforms with an "error" texture. And I have this line in the middle
  7. Sezon.dev

    WaterBottle Weapon

    Is there no way to go through another method? I try by script but hey:
  8. Sezon.dev

    WaterBottle Weapon

    @da12thMonkey how can I do to walk with this object correctly position in the hand?
  9. Hi, I'm trying to use holding a gun to hold a bottle of water. For that, I configured a new gun with a rtm hand anim. The problem is that my animal is broken. I would have liked some tips to use my water bottle in my hands. Here's what I get :
  10. Sezon.dev

    Texture expand bug

    I have the same problem, except that in my LOD 0 I only have 29698 faces. I do not understand why the UV deforms as much knowing that I already have to treat models a little bigger. If by chance you have an answer to bring me, I would gladly Sincerely, Sezon