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  1. Sezon.dev

    [IBIZA] Problem with surface mask

    I had not put the right setting sorry ^^
  2. Sezon.dev

    [IBIZA] Problem with surface mask

    @SCAR @RoF @silola
  3. Hello I have a problem with my certain map of my texture which transforms with an "error" texture. And I have this line in the middle
  4. Sezon.dev

    WaterBottle Weapon

    Is there no way to go through another method? I try by script but hey:
  5. Sezon.dev

    WaterBottle Weapon

    @da12thMonkey how can I do to walk with this object correctly position in the hand?
  6. Hi, I'm trying to use holding a gun to hold a bottle of water. For that, I configured a new gun with a rtm hand anim. The problem is that my animal is broken. I would have liked some tips to use my water bottle in my hands. Here's what I get :
  7. Sezon.dev

    Texture expand bug

    I have the same problem, except that in my LOD 0 I only have 29698 faces. I do not understand why the UV deforms as much knowing that I already have to treat models a little bigger. If by chance you have an answer to bring me, I would gladly Sincerely, Sezon
  8. Hello, create in my field with eden editor, which would be nice to be able to import the format terain builder in eden editor. Because thanks to eden editor we can place all our objects, and thanks to surface painter we can generate drill or other but we can not reimplant them in eden editor, we must directly put them in terain builder. If E2TB and Surface Painter could associate to import and export as desired it would be perfect!
  9. Good work ! If however you need me for some thing do not hesitate ;)
  10. Permettez-moi de vous montrer que l'élément est correctement configuré et que je ne vois pas pourquoi il changerait d'état entre l'éditeur eden et le constructeur de terrain
  11. Delete the message ;)
  12. Hello, I have a problem with the mod during the terrain builder export In Eden Editor : In Terrain builder
  13. Sezon.dev

    Problem walls with terrain processor

    Thanks @Auss its good ! http://s1.postimg.org/gtn2f690f/screenshot_325.png
  14. Hello, today I made walls to integrate them to my map thanks to the field processor. The problem is that when I use wall of arma 3 these walk and follow the ground. But when I use mine, they do not follow the ground. So I think an error was made in the configuration of my wall. My Problem : but with arma 3 wall for exemple ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here are all the elements : config.cpp Object Builder Terrain Processor