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  1. Yousef15

    Level design feedback

    Just wanted to say something about to leveling system i love how it works with using your points to unlock a set but i think we should have Like a loadout for our sets cause some of us wanna run LMG with armour on link and but we also want to run dmr's on clash and raid. Currently i enjoy running dmr's Cyrus with a AMS on clash but when i wanna grind for xp i like to play with a Lmg and armour but i have to reset every time. It would be nice if we could chosse a loadout of skill points like we have 3 Load outs to use to make a class of skillpoints and we select it before going in the game from equipment and to switch loadouts we need to go to equipment it would be nice. With supporter back you can add things like 5 loadouts for skill points.
  2. Yousef15

    Feedback Thread

    I would of quit the game if it didn't have a leveling system i'm hooked onto it atm trying to stay high level then my friends
  3. Yousef15

    Feedback Thread

    Hello, so oce has a low popularity and a lot of Russians, NA, asia players have been abusing oce servers to boost i've recorded multiple people doing it and wrecked all hell on there game cause there boosting. Where can i submit these videos of the boosters