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  1. jarek

    F2P or Not

    The game is for free. Completely. And there are currently no plans to include any type of free-to-play monetization. But if someone will be satisfied with the game, and would like to support the devs, there is a possibility to buy Supporter's pack DLC. Beside a big thanks from the devs, you get as a reward some cosmetic items (headgear, end match animations, highlight in the player lists etc). Also Supporters have access to Premium servers, which may be useful when official servers are full of filled with not so serious players. Players can also support devs by buying other Bohemia Interactive games - such as (evergreen) Arma 3, (soon to be finished) DayZ or (new rising star) Ylands.
  2. jarek

    Ask us anything!

    No. XP and credits are not awarded in Combat Patrol. But if you are coop player only, you can play Combat Patrol in Arma 3 Malden DLC. Combat patrol in Arma 3 is very similar and it can be played on all official terrains.
  3. jarek

    Will Combat Patrol Give XP/Credits?

    That's why Combat patrol was introduced also for Arma 3 with Arma 3 Malden DLC. It's the exact place where COOP only players should play Combat patrol. Despite some small differences (mainly in setting) the core experience stays the same. Also the Combat patrol in Arma 3 can be played on all official terrains (Altis, Stratis, Tanoa and Malden).
  4. jarek


    This was a problem with the distribution platform (Steam) and it happened during some circumstances. Now it should be fully resolved and it should not happen. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. jarek

    Friend/Enemy Recognition

    The goal of the development team is to provide gameplay experience without overwhelming HUD, which is poisoning many contemporary games. The standard (hardcore) servers do have HUD disabled. Nevertheless, to let newbie players get familiar with the gameplay dynamics and objectives, there are few servers with "Easy difficulty". These servers have HUD enabled (so friendly indicator, objectives locations etc.), but the XP and credit reward is smaller.
  6. jarek

    white case

    The white supply boxes of Cloud corporation can be found on the map. Looting the box will bring extra rewards (credits) at the end of the match. It's a secondary mechanics to support exploration.
  7. Argo should be supported with updates in the same way as Arma 3. This is mainly for fixing bugs and resolving issues. Editor will hopefully bring some user made scenarios, that could be played by anyone, like in Arma 3. Internal development of the new playable content for Argo will happen if the game will attract enough attention. There is a potential plan to use Argo as a playtesting platform for new ideas for MP scenarios.