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    Feedback Thread

    Posted this in a standalone thread a few days ago before I realized this thread is still active. It appears the hitboxes of the models are a few inches narrower then their visual models making players seem to be more resilient than they truely are. Here is a short clip for example of be trying to hit the edge of a player's torso hitbox with a pistol. https://streamable.com/
  2. ContagiousHavoc

    Feedback Thread

    Generally really enjoying the game so far and have spent way too much time playing since release. There is a big issue I have with the game so far. It is apparent to me that the game is more or less balanced around all players being 25, atleast in terms of gear of various quality and a number of talents needed to get them. Combine this with a slow level progression, and new players are at a significant disadvantage. Someone could have put 15 hours on the game and have an MXM with a scope, suppressor, nades etc. and they can go up against someone who has all the same gear, + a carrier special. As a result, despite playing the game for a rather decent amount of time still be at a huge disadvantage. Not to mention that same matchup for a new player trying to use an AK-74u with no unlocks whatsoever. I would recommend increasing the frequency that players earn talent points (but keep the cap at 25) and perhaps even make new players start with as many as 5 points so that they can get the basics like a sight, nades and a suppressor for a tier 1 gun.
  3. ContagiousHavoc

    Feedback Thread

    Was doing some PIG testing with a buddy as we wanted to see the damage ratio from glancing shots (seems to be about half). And we inadvertently discovered that the body is much thinner than it physically appears. Here is a short clip demonstrating https://streamable.com/05cqt My friend had a similar experience when trying to test damage done to legs. I will try to get more clips displaying the hitbox boundaries of other body parts when I have the time to do so.
  4. Played the game a few months ago and honestly wasn't a fan of the game until I gave it a try a week ago when I saw it was updating. This past week I have been loving the game and would be disappointed if the development was stopping here.