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  1. Take a look at that link he has a download to a full guide on everything you need to know from 3d modeling to Oxygen2, writing configs, ect.. should tell you everything you need to know :)
  2. UPDATE Now in Oxygen 2 WinterTFR has been working setting up the LOD's We just thought we would post some screens of it in Bulldozer
  3. thanks to WinterTFR for creating all textures and writing the config for this. Project will continue work and all updates will be posted here
  4. https://imgur.com/4YteLJh https://imgur.com/6rPKFIn https://imgur.com/aFsKnQX Model by: Hack-er Edited by me Looking for someone to help me texture and write this thing into the game. Message me if you are interested I'll continue working on it. This is my first real mod for this game.