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  1. Hi, I am here again trying to understand the system better. This time I have question of how the Air Vehicle Slot system works. Do I need to have 1 Flight Control per each air vehicle ? Or in general if someone can elaborate how this system works please? Much appreciated. Regards, Leo
  2. Thank you very much for the input. Indeed, I can deploy FOB from the huron container once I was a bit further away. I am able to change parameters now by first spawning in, typing #login to log in as admin (i am whitelisted thus no pw needed). Using your provided command #reassign i ended the mission, changed parameters (since now i was admin). I basically didn't know how to go back to that screen after spawning in and logging in. #reassign did the job! I changed the bottom 2 params and started the mission Later, I exitted the game unpbo'ed like Wyqer just suggested and updated default params to my liking (yes, i didn't add wipeouts as default :p) We are all set to play and have fun now :) Thank you to you and Wyqer for helping and offering us such a nice mission. Respect! Kind Regards, Leo
  3. That FOB box is basically a "Huron Cargo Container". When i slingloaded it to land and tried to scroll wheel to deploy FOB, i didn't get that option. I opened map to see the class name/ description of this box it showed "Huron Cargo Container" and if i build it, it appears as if a 5x5 meter (or so) cargo drop area rather than a military HQ building like in v0.92. Is this the correct box and i just need to learn how to play this new version ? Yes, i have played older version of liberation on Altis before (last several days me and my friends have been playing it on the same dedi server). While installing this new version, all i did was put this PBO in mpmissions and selected it in the server config. It started from scratch (progress wise) which is fine for us. Where is location of saved files so i can wipe out manually ? Btw, i have never been able to edit Mission Parameters (the parameters button you see on top right while in the slot selection screen where you select to spawn in commander slot or others). When i click on that button, i see all params but i don't see EDIT button or any way to change them. So they are all default.
  4. Hi, I just put up a dedi server using this mission. Looks great. I and a few friends have been playing 0.92 version last few days and noticed this new version so shifted here. However, now when I start the mission on the air craft carrier I do not see any FOB container that we can lift via the Huron heli to land. Can you please inform where is the default FOB contain located at the start of mission ? where are the resources stats which used to display on right side of screen? How do we know how many resources do we have ? Context: I setup the mission pbo as is with no modifications as such I am using Altis map for the dedi server and we do not load any mods in our client I have tried logging in as commander, squad leader but didn't really see any FOB container on the ship deck to pick and take it to the land Kind Regards, Leo