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  1. Hello, great scenario, sad that is no longer supported. Is it possible to download this mission somewhere? It seems that all links have been removed, even on the wiki's.
  2. OscarH.


    I figured out the problem. Apparently, some mod Conflicted after the upgrade 1.7. Now everything seems to work fine. I want to apologize to Evil Organ and haleks for the time you spent on me.
  3. OscarH.


    Hi. Ok, so if no one has previously stated this problem, it is most likely a problem is on my part. Let's do so, I'll try to figure it out with my mods, reinstall it, delete it and so on. And if at the end of the end I can not solve the problem myself, I'll write as I have success, ok?
  4. OscarH.


    I heard you, let's put everything in order. I played in ravage the day before the update 1.7 hit, everything was fine, the next day there was an update 1.7 along with the Jet DLC. After updating the game, I as usually went to ravage and 'bam' version mismatch. Ok, no problem, I understand how the update of games and mods works. I waited a day or two but nothing changed, thats ok, moders need time for updates. I went to Eden, put out the modules and went to test. Unfortunately this and the following tests failed. Then I decided to look for a solution or those who have a similar problem, and this forum seemed to me the most active in ravage comunity. Then I registered and wrote about my problem. After some time, you answered Mr. Evil Organ, then I rechecked the versions of the game and mods, they were all the latest versions, then I decided to start ravage from the beginning and stumbled with a similar problem as in the editor, only without any equipment and weapons (The last one does not bother me, my main problem is modules). Next. I understand perfectly well that there can be conflicts between mods. As it seems to me, I assembled a stable build, at least there was no reason to think otherwise. And since I know how ravage and arma in general react to the addition of new mods to the already saved game, after installing ravage, I did not put a single mod in it. Next. And what other information do you need? I'm not an IT guy, i don't know where or how to look for logs or something. And why did you think, because I have a new account and no problem which most ravage players have, then I immediately a Troll? I just do not understand what kind of information I can provide more. In any case, thanks for your time.
  5. OscarH.


    Unfortunately, yes, all versions are up to date. I just tried to start over, appeared in a broken truck and the dead man was in shorts, without equipment. I traveled on the map, neither loot nor zombies or renegades, even in garbage can not be looted. Then I tried the modules in other locations and the same thing, the modules do not work. All this happened after the update 1.7.
  6. OscarH.


    Same for me, All modules in Eden doesn't work for me, there are only me and Altis.