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  1. Haredeenee

    ArmA won't start, just hang

    Thats super weird I'm also running a I7-7700 asus rog strix z270e CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB windows 7 ultimate x64 only thing different is my 1070 strix and arma wont launch from the launcher. the launcher ;launches fine from steam, but arma.exe just dosnt open the window
  2. Haredeenee

    ARMA wont launch

    tried, didnt work, thanks for the suggestion though.
  3. Haredeenee

    ARMA wont launch

    t arma didnt come up after hitting play on the launcher Restarted computer, verified integrity, reinstalled arma, backed it up, crazy and sandman gave all the suggestions they could. I feel like I've tried everything.