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  1. Heya everyone! My name is Justin and I am known as the moderator J_L Fox at KonvictGaming. We are currently looking to improve our community features and are introducing new ideas. One of them are community zeus events. The idea is to run scheduled zeus events in which we will cover pvp, pve, small skirmishes, large scale operations as well as roleplay based focused gameplay. If you are interested in attending such events you'll need to make an forum account and become a trial of KG, so that you have access to the forum and the event related threads. For more informations regarding the community of the event, feel free to contact me via our forums or teamspeak Teamspeak: ts3.konvictgaming.com Forum: KonvictGaming.com kind regards Justin [J_L Fox] Off topic: KonvictGaming informations and requirements Currently we are looking for new members which enjoy not only the gaming aspect, but also the social side of a gaming community. We already support over 12 games such are: • League of Legends • Counter Strike: Global Offensive • Overwatch • Final Fantasy XIV • Heroes of the Storm • The Division with each of them offering events, a dedicated moderation team and an active playerbase. To join the community you need to meet a few requirements which are: • 16 years of age, or older. • Mature. • Have a working Microphone. • Be able to communicate in English. If you meet the requirements and are interested in the community you can sign up on our forums and fill out a community member application. Our moderators will help you through the process if needed.